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Show 44 - Live from South Coast Summit 2021 cover image

Show 44 - Live from South Coast Summit 2021

A slightly different show today as Al and Kevin came live from above the South Coast Summit expo floor to record with a few guests. The sound isn't the greatest this time but the content is fantastic as we had Alison Mulligan, Luke Evans, Zoe Wilson and Mark Christie sharing with us what their dream conference would be. Find out who wants Satya Nadella speaking, who likes to get hands on with hardware and who would love it to be a giant festival.

Show 41 - part 2: Front of Mind cover image

Show 41 - part 2: Front of Mind

This week, we decided to just have a chat about what was making us think at the moment and what we thought would be coming up over the next six months. Al caught us by surprise by talking about sustainability and opened our eyes to things that we can do in the digital space. Garry is getting deeper and deeper into the world of Dev Ops, not just the tools but the processes as well. Kevin keeps up his excitement about all things Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva and also looks forward to seeing what people can innovate with after the slight lulls during the pandemic.

Show 40 - Part 2: Commsverse and Teams Devices cover image

Show 40 - Part 2: Commsverse and Teams Devices

With the first big Microsoft related conference in the UK scheduled for September, we invited two of the Commsverse organisers to chat to use about what you can expect from Commsverse and also how Teams Devices can improve the ways that you can use Teams. Mark talked about all the different things that will be at the event itself (that you can join in person or virtually) and Randy shared loads of info on how Teams Devices can help, from better headsets all the way through to a full meeting room with sound bars, ceiling microphones and even a mahogany table.