Show 70 - a review of 2022

This week, Kevin, Al and Garry (sadly Luise couldn't make it last minute) look back at 2022 to pick our favourite tech news of the year and our own personal highlights. Kevin even decided last minute about what everyone's focus was for 2023 so there are some late panics in the show that are worth sticking around for!

Microsoft Viva Goals brings purpose and alignment to the employee experience
Set Team and Company Goals | Microsoft Viva
What New Terms Like 'Goblin Mode' Reveal about Work in 2023 (

Teams Toolkit Overview - Teams | Microsoft Learn
Build Microsoft 365 apps that help keep employees in the flow of work

Introducing Microsoft Syntex - Content AI in the flow of work - Microsoft Community Hub
Microsoft Syntex, Content AI | Microsoft 365

Shared channels in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
Entra, Purview, Priva, & Viva: Microsoft's New Move to Naming Products (
Microsoft Viva Sales | Microsoft Viva
Introducing Mesh avatars for Microsoft Teams in Private Preview - Microsoft Community Hub
Microsoft will start charging for some Microsoft Graph Teams API calls starting July 5th 2022 | The thoughtstuff Blog
Introducing the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy community preview - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
Microsoft Teams Premium licensing - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue (